Mindfulness Brain Hacks

We want to try to be mindful All. The. Time. But super hard, right? So here are three ways we can trick our brain to be mindful with minimal effort up front.

1-      Do a ritual. This is not a suggestion to engage in rituals that lead to over checking or constant worry. This is an intentional ritual, like every time I sit in the green chair in my living room, I am going to take a deep breath and think “this is my safe place.” Or, every time I get in my car, I am going to imagine I am in a bubble of light, take a deep breath and imagine calm washing over my body.” Another one might be, every time I give a speech, before I walk to the podium, I’m going to hold my special eraser for a second and say to myself “you’ve got this.” Maybe you already have a ritual with yoga, or before you eat at dinner. You may also choose to share your rituals with friends or family members, this can be joyful, fun, and such a loving way to begin or end quality time.

2-      Breathe Longer. Find times of the day that you can breathe, even if it is paired with something else. Maybe this is part of your morning bathroom routine, perhaps in the car, before or after a meal, before bed. Create a reminder for yourself to breathe.


3-      Smile and think of an experience of sweetness. This can be something your child did, a shared moment with a partner or friend, a time when you felt accomplished or triumphant, or a great vacation memory. Breathe while you do this. Think about these good memories throughout your day.